5 Best NYC Startups in 2017

1. LineBuzzer

LineBuzzer expanding startup NYC with experienced developers offering an effective web-based waitlist management solutions to any business. Fast and user-friendly way to manage lines and wait lists.

best nyc startups

2. Juicebox

Juicebox is an electric car charger. Also an elegant phone charging station for bars, movie theaters, casinos, event spaces, retail and everywhere else people spend time out. Juicebox aim to create a worldwide brand and a lean organization to make sure that people everywhere look for a Juicebox whenever their battery is getting low.

3. Mugo

Mugo like to explore and do different things. Mugo is te Instagram of music. For last few year they have developed three flexible platforms. Every story needs a different way to be told their job is to find that way. As a result royalty issues are avoided: users pay their respective streaming services while MUGO is free to use.

4. Clicks To Cars

Clicks To Cars is creating a modern solution to buying or selling a car. Their dealership doesn’t have an expansive showroom, instead, we have an urban flagship store with no salesmen or inventory on site. Their Cars is the express line to the automotive retail process. From economy cars to exotics there will be something for everyone. They are taking advantage of the popular express retail model.

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5. TravAlarm

TravAlarm based in London, New York, and San Francisco, the team is agile and intent on creating good experiences for its users. TravAlarm is the app where you can know your travel plan, correcting your travel plan properly, monitors your travel network and provides you avoid travel pain. TravAlarm app that keeps you on track.